Indonesia is an archipelago country has more than 200 million citizens. There are thousand islands and cultures on each island. They live be separated by ocean. Indonesia has more ethnics and cultures that are unique from other country. Based on statistic data of Indonesia has about 1128 ethnic and more than thousand culture at Indonesia. Although Indonesia has variation ethnic and culture they can live together. Indonesia has a motto “Bhineka Tungga Ika” mean unity in diversity.

Indonesia has many vernacular (traditional language) from each ethnic. But Indonesia has one language that can unite all of ethnic, it is Indonesian’s language. If we go to other province, we never have problems with language. Since a child, all schools in Indonesia teach Indonesia language to their students.

Indonesia has more traditional art such as traditional house, traditional dance, traditional song, traditional music instrument, traditional sport, traditional game, and traditional dresses. All this diversity is wealth for Indonesia. And, we should maintain and preserve forever.

Indonesia has more than one religion. Islam is the religion of the most widely embraced by the citizen. The other religion are christian, Budhist and Hindu. The motto of Indonesia make them unite, although live with different religion, but they can live together and respect each other.

There are some ethnic on each island in Indonesia, such as:

  1. Sumatera Island : Aceh, Batak, Minang, Mentawai, Gayo, Komering, dll.
  2. Java Island : Betawi, Sunda, Jawa, Kutai, Tunjung dll.
  3. Kalimantan Islan : Dayak, Limbai, Bawo, Kutai, Bakung, dll.
  4. Bali and southeast Nusa Island : Bali, Flores, Sumbawa, Sasak, Flores, dll
  5. Maluku island : Ambon, Buru, Pagu, Ternate, Tidore, dll
  6. Sulawaesi : Minahasa, Makasar, Gorontalo, Sangir, dll
  7. Irian Jaya island : Asmat, Aero, Gebe, Sentani, Sawuy, dll.

Because of this diversity of ethnic, more people from other country come to Indonesia and learn Indonesia culture, how they can live together with diversity. And, we must be careful if our culture will be stolen or be destructed by other culture. 






This is my country’s name. Indonesia is an archipelago country and the big country in Southeast Asia.  It has thousand islands almost more than 18.100 islands. Indonesian position in the north border is Philipine, Malaysian, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore and Pacific ocean, in the earth bordering is Papua New Guinea, in the south bordering is Australian continent; Timor Leste and Hindia Ocean, and in the west bordering is Hindia Ocean. I live in West Sumatera. Only around 6000 in habitat islands, and there are five big islands : Sumatera; Kalimantan; Java; Sulawesi; and Irian Jaya. It encompasses 34 provinces: 10 provinces in Sumatera Island: 6 provinces in Java Island; 5 provinces in Kalimantan Island; 6  provinces in Sulawesi Island; 3 provinces in Nusa Tenggara Island; 2 provinces in Maluku Island and 2 provinces in Papua Island.

Indonesian Archipelago

Indonesian Archipelago

Indonesian is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia is a republic with a presidential system. As a unitary state, power is concentrated in the central government, Jakarta. And each province has its own legislature and governor. Indonesian has more than 222 million people consist of Malayu ethnic and Papua Ethnic.  There are 87,2% moslem people, 9,9% Christian, 1,7% Hinduism 0,7% Budhist and 0,5% others like Konghucu, etc. Although Moslem people are the most people in here, Indonesia is not Islam country. Indonesian has more cultures is influenced by Chinese Culture, Indian Culture and Arab Culture. It has a lot of vernacular from each provinces but united in one language, Indonesian language.

Although Indonesian has different background, it has motto is “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” (Unity in Diversity literally, many, yet one). They can live together although different in religions, ethnics, and cultures. They respect each other, and more county learn from Indonesia how to live together with different background.