Now I invite you to know about my province’s culture, it is about traditional dance from Minangkabau ethnic. May you know about this dance, we call “Tari Piring” (The Plate dance).

simpenkerucutTari Piring is one of traditional dance of Minangkabau. From its name we know that means we will see performance of beauty dancers who dance with plates. Usually, the dancers an odd number such as three, five or seven dancers. The dancers will bring plates in their palm while swaying of its to every direction, even turning down with their palm turned down and clicking ring on their finger to the plate, it will give sound like “ting…ting…ting…”. The dance movements are very agile, neat, fast and simultaneous from each dancers, amazingly, whatever energetic moves the dancers make, the plate continue to stick as if glued to their palms. For those who first saw this dance, you will feel so proud and amazed and you will feel worry if plates will fall to the floor.

The plate dance come from Solok city, one of city from West Sumatera province. The first is purposing of this dance is ritual of gratitude Minang society over abundant harvest. This dance took place the first time before Islam entered to Minangkabau, at that time they worship Gods, so this expression as symbolized the gratefulness of the people to the Almighty God which was performed as ritual the harvest time. And, more beautiful girls brought food were placed in a dish. After Islam entered to Minangkabau, this expression as offering to the kings or royalty and only as entertainment for the community.

The dance is as one of important asset for West Sumatera government and it often holds some dance festival in local and international such as America, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Dutch, Pakistan, etc. And, sometime ago this dance was shown in four cities in Pakistan, one of them is Karachi.

The plate dance is so unique, it movements imitate farmer grow and express gratitude when the harvest. The dance swaying two or three plates and sometime put candle lit on it. And, that’s so amazing that candles will not be extinguished until the dance is finished.  The other amazing from this dance is two rings on fingers and clicking it on plates. In the end of dance, as dramatic climax, you will see the dancers will smash the plates onto the floor, delibaretly breaking them into sharp of pieces. The dancer will then continue dancing on the pointed shards, remaining completely uninjured. That’s why this dance makes everyone amazed. Don’t know exactly what the meaning of this, maybe it expresses how happy and excited  they are about harvest.Tari-Piring

Beside that, the dancers must have high concentration and must be clean about heart, not arrogant and not in periodic time for girl dancers. Before thread and dance on shards of glasses, dancers must take wudhu and a diviner must do prayer. The plate dance is combined with quickly music from Talempong, Gandang and Saluang. The dress of dancer are light colour such as red and yellow just for easy to know and attract the attention of audience.

As we know that this dance movements imitate farmer, such as hoeing, pull the seeds, planting, fencing, mowing of rice, threshing (drying) of rice, take rice, aerate of race, pounding rice with a pestle, taking out the trash, unwind, deliver food. And, the last is called Pasambahan, it is as gratitude to Allah SWT and an apology to the audience who watched the dance, then “Singanjua Lalai” movement is symbolizes as Minang girls who are walking beautiful in the morning, other movements look like cooperation (“gotong royong”) and combination with treading shards of glasses.

The steps of plate dance begins from preparing such as do exercise and preparing good and no cracked plates. Then, when the dancer get ready to show their performance to audiences usually starts with amazed musical traditional instruments using “rebana” (like tambourine were the initial musical instruments) and gong or “talempong” and “Saluang” (like flute). The first movements from dancers is “Pasambahan” to offering and respect for audience, then grow rice movements until harvest movements. Then, continue with amazing performances, dance and jump on shards of glasses. While dancing, the dancers swing and give sound “ting..ting…ting…” from ring and plates. Then, they end the dance with “Pasambahan” again  as expression of gratitude to Allah SWT and say thanks to audiences.TARI PIRING (GAMBAR DALAM)

The essence of the plate dance gives positive messages such as happiness, unity, mutual assistance, welfare and prosperity. That’s so amazing and so beautiful if we watch it directly. We feel amazed specially when dancers dance and jump on shards of glasses. This is more important assets from Minangkabau culture, West Sumatera province.

I write this article about the plate dance because I feel so amazed and proud about my province culture, and when I attended my friend wedding party, we are entertained with this dance. Then, I search more information about history of the plate dance. This group dancer in this video name is Gastarana, they have held performance for more country, the last is in four big city in Pakistan as cooperation between Indonesia and Pakistan.

You can watch this dance on this URL. Please click it directly you will watch amazing the plate dance.

klick here

I am proud with my culture.


by MEYF ^_^



This article is continuing last article about “ The Book”. Every May, 2nd, we celebrate The National Days for Education in Indonesia. As we know that education is so important to be an intelligent’s person because it gives capability to do everything and to pursuit our goal. With good education in the country can raise degree and dignity of the nation in front of the world. In education, book is so important and it cannot be separated in human life whose love book, and they suggest that book is look like second spouse after wife or husband.


General Library

One of place that available free several of reading books for public is library. The library is a place and an organized collection of sources of information and knowledge, made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing. Its collection can include books, magazines, newspapers, and even ebook or movie. For me, the library is a place that provides the freedom and convenience for visitors to read the collection of books and visitors must obey the rules there.

As we know that we prefer watching television rather than reading a book. More people come to the cinema rather than library because less interest in reading a book. Maybe you agree with me that library is very boring and haunted place for those people who don’t like books. It condition is quite, monotonous and identical with seriousness. There are surrounded by books and its located usually is in a corner side, and away from crowds. Yea, that is the fact, generally library that we have encountered in here to get quite and full concentration for reading collection books.

Generally, library in Indonesia are easy to find at school and also more publics library that is provided by our government. And, surely you will imagine how boring inside there. The building has high and big room and full with books collection even dusty everywhere because rare people touch its. But never ignore and underestimate it because it is full knowledge and full good information. If there are no library, we will difficult to find book that is not in market area. If there doesn’t have library maybe we will not understand how important the books and reading culture.

Times have changed and every human being to develop more creative ideas to make things easy, attractiveness and fun. They will give little creative and brilliant ideas. Also, they are able to give special attraction from something that people always away from. They try to create new innovation things with creative and smart ideas, so it gives valuable and useful result for us. One of the creative ideas about this topic is library with cafe concept. It combines between library concepts and cafe in same place. It provides books and cafe and It can be used as a place to hang out, discussion and if we alone can fill our time with reading books, and we can borrow it after we pay some money to be a member.


The Library Cafe

The condition of library cafe is full artistic design room and so attractive, even it can change our mood be calm and enjoy like a cafe room. This condition makes us more comfortable and stay for a long time hang out here with friends while discussing good topic and reading books. We are free to use facility there such as wifi and we can browsing internet based the rules.

With this concept hope can change perspective about library as seriousness and boring place become interesting place. It can be alternative to create interest in reading. Besides that, cafe concept can be used as profit oriented business that sells food and beverages and also books.

Last time my favorite library cafe was Zoe Library Cafe at Margonda Street in Depok. Its place was strategy between my last campus, University of Indonesia and  other campus, University of Gunadharma. Its place is also near from Margonda Apartment and also students center, so this cafe gives more benefit for public and their business. In other side, I always visited library cafe near from Zoe, its collection was the owner of private book collection such as children’s book, adult books, vcd/dvd, domestic books and also foreign books. The owner is a book’s lover and has many book collections since kid.

Perhaps we can open library cafe at our place with artistic design room that can attract visitors to visit library cafe. Besides we provide complete books collection we have to give excellent service to them. We also provide free wifi connection and allow visitor to borrow book after they become a member and pay specific money. Specially if we live near from campus, this business will get high benefit and give goodness for public. And, we can add more creative and smart idea for this library cafe.

Let’s we always try to make creative idea that can give goodness and benefit for us and other.




Indonesia has more culture and ethnics over there. It is archipelago country and more different people live. Different place from each province has different culture. There are traditional food, dance, song, musical instruments, etc. Now I introduce you about traditional food from my hometown, Padang, West Sumatera.


Traditional House of Minangkabau

West Sumatera is one of province in west of Indonesia and Padang is capital city of West Sumatera. I live in Padang, but my parents hometown is Bukittinggi, it is about 2- 3 hours from Padang. This province has more culture and so beautiful place. Padang is near from the beach because its border is Hindia Ocean at west side, and the air temperature is hot. But in my parents hometown, Bukittinggi is so cold because it is placed in the highlands and hills. And, the important thing in west Sumatera is more tourist place and beautiful view here.

rendang daging 2

Rendang Daging

The ethnics from this province is called Minangkabau. Minang people are well known as good merchant, almost all of them migrated live other province to be great people and some of them will back after they success. Minang people, men and women are good at cooking. More traditional food are famous even its are famous to other country. Generally, food from Minangkabau has a spicy flavour, a lot of seasoning and spicy coconut milk and its so delicious taste. So that why all people suggest that Padang food is favourite in Indonesia.

Now I introduce you to know my traditional food, it is called as rendang, do you know rendang? Have you heard rendang before? It is native of traditional food from Minangkabau. Rendang is a spicy meat dish. It takes hours to cook and slow cooking and so is time-consuming and requires patience. It is served at ceremonial occasions and to honour guests. Rendang is also commonly served among the Malay community in Malaysia and is also popular in Singapore, Brunei, the southern Philippines and Thailand and also Dutch.

In 2011, rendang is ranked first in the list of World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods (50 yummiest dishes World) held by CNN International. The certainly, we are proud about this. This is great food and last time, Malaysia claimed rendang is their native traditional food. Its look like before they claimed Batik, Rasa Sayange song and Reyog Ponorogo of Indonesia culture as their native culture.  But every’s people know the truth, rendang is native traditional food from Indonesia.

The history of rendang, it was written records from the early 16th century Hikayat Amir Hamzah, the making of rendang spreads from Minangkabau region to Mandailing, Riau, Jambi across the straight to  Malacca and Negeri Sembilan resulting in a variety of rendang traditional. Andalas University historian, Prof. Gusti Asnan suggests that rendang began to spread across the region when Minangkabau merchants and migrant workers began to trade and migrate to Malacca in the 16th century. And, its needed long journey through the river waterways in Sumatera, so a durable preserved dry rendang is suitable. It is good consume for weeks, even when left at room temperature. And, last time, I always brought dried rendang when I studied and worked in other province, Jakarta.

Rendang taste is so delicious, and culinary experts often describe rendang as “West Sumatran caramelized beef curry”. In Minangkabau tradition, rendang is a requisite dish for special occasions in traditional Minang ceremonies, from birth ceremonies to circumcision, marriage, Qur’an recites and religious Islam festivals such as Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha.

Proses pembuatan rendang

Process to Make Rendang

Rendang is revered in Minangkabau culture as an embodiment of the philosophy of musyawarah (conference/c0lloquy) and consultation with elders. It has been claimed that the four main ingredients represent Minangkabau society as a whole :

  1. The meat symbolizes the Niniak Mamak, the traditional clan leaders, such as the datuk, the nobles, royalty and revered elders.
  2. The coconut milk symbolizes the Cadiak Pandai, intellectuals, teachers, poets and writers.
  3. The chilli symbolizes the Alim Ulama, clerics, ulama and Islam religious leaders. The hotness of the chili symbolizes sharia.
  4. The spice mixture (seasoning) symbolizes the rest of Minangkabau society.

And now, you can find a variety of rendang, such as beef rendang, chicken rendang, duck rendang, liver rendang, egg rendang, pulmonary rendang and tuna rendang. The fact about rendang :

  1. It can last up to three months without heated again, without changing the taste.
  2. It is ranked first 50 delicious food, CNN International, September 2011.
  3. Last time, it served to a king and the nobility.
  4. It needs more coconut milk (about more than five old coconut fruit for one kg meat) and it needs eight hours to cook.  It only can cook in special condition such as firewood and not stove.
  5. It has been famous in other country and also Padang Restaurant Food.

I am proud of my country..