Jakarta is capital city of Indonesia that place in northwest of Java Island. It is well known as special capital region because Jakarta is the only city in Indonesia that have provincial-level status. In International, Jakarta is well known as J-Town or the New York city of Indonesia. Jakarta has about 28 million citizens and the biggest metropolitan in southeast Asia. Jakarta is one of the most populous Urban Agglomerations in the world. Here is central of economic, culture, and politics. The Jakarta changed its name about five times. In 1927, Jakarta’s name was Sunda Kelapa, then it changed become Jayakarta in 1527-1619, then it changed become Batavia/Batauia or Jaccatra in 1619-1942. And, then Djakarta in 1942-1972.

Jakarta is metropolitan city. The metropolitan area known as Jabodetabek, it is combining the initial syllables of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi. Base on survey by Brooking Institute in 2011 growth of economic of Jakarta ranked 17th among the world’s 200 largest cities, a jump from its  2007 ranking of 171. Jakarta has grown more rapidly than Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and Bangkok. (see this).

The native city of Jakarta is Betawi ethnic because Jakarta city development since 1970, people from other province came to Jakarta and Betawi ethnic  is evicted to the suburb area. In 2000, the city’s population was 35,16% Javanese, 27,65% Betawi, 15,27% Sundanese and 5,53% Chinese and from other province.

Jakarta is the seat of the ASEAN Secretariat and it is served by the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Halim Perdana Kusuma International Airport and Tanjung Priok Harbour, it is connected by several intercity and commuter railway and served by several bus lines running on reserved bus-ways.

Stadtansicht von Jakarta / Indonesien

And if you come to Jakarta, you can find more wonderful tourist place here. Because of more people from other province come to Jakarta for many reasons, some of culture has been mixed with other, even western culture are here. Here is central government company and the most foreign company as well. More people from other province come to Jakarta to find job, study and live here. And, it makes Jakarta be crowded and more traffic jam.





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