Do you know batik? It is an Indonesian wealth that was a long-running rivalry with Malaysia in 2009. Finally, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) had decided to recognize Indonesian batik as one of the world’s important cultural traditions.

The word batik is Javanese of origin. It comes from word “amba” mean to write and “titik” mean dot. Batik history of Indonesia has been known since Majapahit Kingdom and spread of Islam region in Java. The art of batik is made by drawing designs on fabric using dots and lines of hot wax. The tool’s name of making batik motive is “canting” for smooth motive and brush for large motive. And, therefore, allows the artisan to color selectively by soaking the cloth in one color, removing the wax with boiling water and repeating if multiple colors are desired. The motive of batik has symbolic meanings which are used in specific ceremonies. It’s mean comes from the past of religion animism, dynamism, Hindus and Budhist.

First time, the art of batik was only in Keraton area (palace area) and finally spread outside the palace in Java (ordinary people, rabble). And, it would be woman handmade to fill their time at home. The coloring materials used is composed of Indonesian plants and it is homemade among others of  noni tree, tinggi plant, Soga, indigo, and materials made ​​from soda and salts made ​​from mud.

Base on technique to drawing motive of batik, there are divided by three kinds of batik : batik tulis, batik cap and batik lukis. Batik tulis is drawing motive with hand, batik cap is drawing by using “cap” (usually made from copper) and batik lukis is painting directly on white fabric.

Batik Cap

Batik Cap

Batik Tulis

Batik Tulis

Batik Lukis

Batik Lukis

In 1873, Indonesia still colonized by Dutch, a Dutch merchant got batik while visited Indonesia, and he gave it to Ethnich Musseum at Rotterdam. And, since 1900, Batik has been famous and it was on display at Exposition Universelle in Paris.

Last time batik was used by old people only because at that time not fashionable. Nowadays batik is the most famous using by all ages. And, every October 2nd, it is appointed as National Batik days. UNESCO has appointed October 2nd is as an International Batik Days and it has been written in their site. They said batik has many symbolics meaning related with social status, local culture, nature and history. And, batik is valued as identity of Indonesia. And, nowadays batik has been famous in International fashion as well.

batik-design-award-Rollup Image


“I love my country”

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